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Purchase Detailed Info on Techniques, Hatches, and Destinations

Educational Fly Fishing Handouts are now available for purchase sharing Jon’s vast knowledge and experience that come standard with his onsite fly fishing workshops. Jon’s specialized workshops are in great demand and have been praised by the many fly anglers who have attended them. You’ll find a variety of topics with the handouts including techniques, hatches, fly selection, entomology, equipment, rigging, and destinations. More than just a couple of pages, these documents are loaded full of good useful information that you can refer to time and time again. There is nothing like having Jon guide and instruct you in real time, but the handouts can be of great help for the “Do It Yourself” angler looking for more knowledge, or for those just starting out in fly fishing and looking to speed up their learning curve .

Listed below are the topics available for purchase:

-Pontoon Boats for Rivers
-Dry Flies
-Intro to Entomology
-Eagle Lake Fly & Hatch Info
-High Water Tactics
-Streamer Presentations
-The Skwala Stone Fly
-Lake Davis & Frenchman Lake Tactics
-Lake Davis & Frenchman Lake Fly & Hatch Info
-Yuba River Fly & Hatch Info

Price: $10. To receive your handout of choice, click the “Buy Now” button, then use my contact form HERE to let me know which handout out you would like to purchase.

Fly Fishing Handout


Above is an example of the excellent tips Jon’s handouts provide:

“A trout’s cone of vision is different as it extends out of the water and passes through the air/water boundary. The refraction of the bending light rays prevents a trout from seeing below a certain angle. An angler who can lower their profile using stealth, and hiding behind natural objects can get incredibly close for a shorter and a more accurate presentation.”

The Observation Post and feeding off the surface during a hatch.


Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers who have had great success on the water after attending Baiocchi’s Troutfitters Workshops:

“Jon, thought you might want to know – I went back to the North Fork of the Yuba yesterday after your Dry Fly Workshop. I fished in the same stretch during the heat of the day for 6 hours. About 100 hits and landed about 60 up to 14″! Not too shabby. Here’s the best part, still using the foam I hopper I bought from you. It caught 75% of the fish. I still have it. I better sharpen the hook again for next time. Thanks again, Jon!”

-Dave Montz

“Hi Jon, I bought some of your small red bead head wiggle tails at the Lake Davis store last weekend and that fly is awesome! Your flies, along with the Stillwater Clinic has greatly improved my results when fishing stillwaters. Thanks!”

-Dean Rhodes

“Had another good day on the Yuba River, taking your Dry Fly Workshop has really upped my game! Landed 5 and missed way too many. The hot fly today was your March Brown emerger. Saw a hatch coming off and started with the March brown adult, but nothing, so I tied on the emerger and game on! Thanks again Jon, I’m having a blast!”

-Gran Flagg

Thanks Jon. They’re excellent! The format is such that they give an angler enough information to go out on their own with adequate confidence even though someone like me may not know the water too well. Well done!

-Joey Tchang





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