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I’m available for fly fishing-themed presentations on a variety of topics and destinations. I absolutely love to share the world of fly fishing with fly clubs and organizations whether it is at their meeting place or on site. I also offer a number of choice Power Point programs that decipher areas like Lake Davis, The Wild & Scenic Middle Fork Feather River, Eagle Lake, The Lower Yuba River, Frenchman’s Reservoir, and the North Fork Yuba River.

My newest presentation “Creekin the Lost Sierra” opens the door for those seeking how to effectively fish small water in the Plumas National Forest. Another new program I’ve created which has been highly spoken of, shares the technical skills needed for “Mastering the Dry Fly”. Beautiful images combined with animated slides provides the audience with clear and concise information for a more enjoyable and productive day on the water! Sharing the knowledge and my passion for fly fishing is important to me. To schedule a presentation, or a custom event like Delta Fly Fisher’s Stillwater Seminar, go to my contact page HERE.

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“Thanks again Jon for an excellent high level presentation. The club appreciates your contribution.”

Trent Pridemore, Gold Country Fly Fishers


“On January 3rd, we were treated to an outstanding program from guide Jon Baiocchi that featured Dry Fly Fishing. This program was exceptional in a number of ways! First, it centered on a very popular method of fly fishing, but one we seldom hear about in any type of forum these days, at least not around here. There are a lot of nymphing clinics going on but hardly anything on dries. Dry fly fishing is a little bit more personal to each angler’s skill set. It’s a style easy enough to pick up but also difficult enough to ever completely master!  You could spend a lifetime enjoying and never really tire of it. Secondly, this program kind of broke new ground with the way in which Jon used animation to illustrate his points. It can sometimes be hard to explain things verbally and dry fly fishing in real time can be very hard to capture on video. Timing and all must be perfect. By framing in animation, Jon was able to slowly and deliberately break down everything involved in the process. Brilliant! I might also add the quality of his animation and photography was over the top!

This program was so good and had so much in it that I’m tempted to just say, “You should have been there”, but in case you weren’t  I’ll try to summarize. Jon started off with a brief history of the dry fly and then moved to understanding rise forms, simple to complex presentations, approaching water structure, tips and tricks, and finally to his all-time favorite dries for eager to educated trout. Jon had everyone’s attention and many questions were asked and answered. I think we all left with a little more knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement to fish the “dry fly”. Dry fly fishing really is the epitome of fly fishing in the truest sense. Great Program!  Thanks Jon!”

Ken Giesser, California Fly Fishers Unlimited

“Jon, I got a bunch of great feedback on your presentation! The way you presented the info was perfect. Thanks again for sharing the knowledge.”

– Steve Potter, Tracy Fly Fishers

“Jon, thank you again for coming down and visiting our cruise ship that never leaves port. The word was out and we had the most attendance in 3 years…48 old timers showed up out of 70     members. Most fall asleep at 7-8PM, and I didn’t notice anyone nodding off, that is a record! Thanks again!”

Henry Sandigo, Lincoln Hill Fishing Club, Sun City.

“Our May program was an outstanding presentation by member Jon Baiocchi on the North Fork of the Yuba river. The river is pretty close to us and is a great place to catch a wild rainbow on a dry fly.  All you beginners out there – this is a river you should try. If you missed it, sorry, because it was one of the best presentations we have had”.

Dick Gander, Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers

“Jon, thank you so much for fighting through the rainstorm and making it to Modesto to give us your new presentation, Mastering the Dry Fly. The club thoroughly enjoyed the program and I heard a lot of positive feedback including several folks wanting to see the show again. Thanks for taking your time with the presentation so the members could take pictures of screenshots that they found exceptionally interesting. I really enjoyed the animation you used to demonstrate different techniques of dry fly fishing. Your program was interesting, informative and fun. You proved again with your new program and your obvious passion for fishing with the long rod why you are one of our, (Stanislaus Fly Fishers), favorite speakers. Thank you!”

–  Jim Bowen, President, Stanislaus Fly Fishers


“Your presentation last night might have been one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. Not only in terms of content, but in terms of style, storytelling, and use of multimedia. You have definitely peaked my interest in dries. Thanks!”

-Barry  Zacharias, DVFF member

“Thanks again for your Dry Fly presentation last night at our General Meeting. I believe it was one of the best prepared and useful talks we have seen in quite a while!”

-Ed Barich, President, Russian River Fly Fishers

“Jon, thanks for your visit and a great program. Lots of good comments from our members. Will definitely plan on you visiting again in 2019.”

-Lew Leichter, Programs Director, Santa Lucia Fly Fishers

Jon Baiocchi’s Presentation History:

-Aguabonita Fly Fishers (1)

-Amador Fly Fishers (5)

-California Fly Fishers Unlimited (5)

-Carson Fly Fishing Club (2)

-Chico Area Fly Fishers (4)

-Conejo Valley Fly Fishers (2)

-Deep Creek Fly Fishers Club (1)

-Delta Fly Fishers (5)

-E.C. Powell Fly Fisher’s Club (3)

-Flycasters of San Jose (4)

-Fly Fishers of Davis (2)

-Fly Fishing Club of Orange County (2)

-Fresno Fly Fishers (1)

-Gold Country Fly Fisher’s Club (5)

-Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club (1)

-Golden State Flycasters (2)

-Granite Bay Flycasters (2)

-Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers Club (3)

-High Sierra Fly Casters (3)

-ISE Sacramento, 2016-2019 (7)

-Kaweah Fly Fishers (1)

-Kern River Fly Fishers (2)

-Kiene’s Fly Fishing Expo (1)

-Lincoln Hills Fishing Club (2)

-Mission Peak Fly Anglers (2)

-Mount Tamalpais Fly Fishers (4)

-Napa Valley Fly Fishers Club (2)

-NCCFFF Festival of Fly Fishing (1)

-Pasadena Casting Club (2)

-Peninsula Fly Fishers Club (6)

-Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show (16)

-Reel Anglers Fly Shop (3)

-Reno Fly Shop (5)

-Russian River Fly Fishers (6)

-Santa Barbara Fly Fishers (1)

-Santa Cruz Fly Fishermen (4)

-Sespe Fly Fishers (2)

-Santa Lucia Fly Fishers (1)

-Shasta Trinity Fly Fishers (3)

-Sierra Pacific Fly Fisher (2)

-Stanislaus Fly Fishers (4)

-Tahoe Truckee Fly Fisher’s Club (5)

-Tri-Valley Fly Fishers (2)

-Trout Unlimited Feather River Chapter (3)

-Tracy Fly Fishers (1)

-Wilderness Fly Fishers (2)

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